Annual reviews - EHCs

We review education, health and care (EHC) plans every year. The annual review looks at:

  • the child’s progress
  • if the plan is still needed
  • if the plan needs changing
  • plans for the next stage of education, training or adulthood.

The school will help the child and their parents write their views and ask EHC services for information. Then everyone can give their views and make recommendations at the meeting.

After the meeting

We’ll decide whether to keep, change or stop the plan.

  • If the plan is staying the same, we’ll write to you.
  • If the plan is stopping, we’ll send you notice.
  • If we’re changing the plan, we’ll send a draft to you. You’ll then have 15 days to respond and say where you want your child to be educated. If they’re over 16 they can give their own views. You can also ask for a meeting.

We’ll do our best to put your wishes in the plan but this isn’t always possible.

If you don’t agree with us, you can consider mediation and appeal.

Advice and support

If you need to speak to us about an existing EHC plan please:

For independent advice on EHC reviews, contact Amaze.