East Sussex SEND strategy 2019 to 2021

The SEND strategy shows how we plan to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in East Sussex. We developed the strategy with partners in education, health, parent carers and young people.

Information for parents and carers

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Information for schools


For teachers

For school support staff

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SEND Prospectus

The SEND Prospectus explains how special educational needs are identified and met in maintained settings including pre-schools, schools and colleges.


We are promoting race equality through new guidance to schools

Our Accessibility Strategy shows how we are working to improve access to services for disabled children and young people.

Special Provision Capital Plan

We consulted parents and carers about our plans for new special schools and special facilities in mainstream schools. Parents and carers are generally supportive of the plans.

Additional school places and consultation 2019(opens new window) (Adobe PDF, 28k)

Capital Investment in new school places 2019

High needs funding review

Our review of high needs funding for pupils with SEND helped to shape the 2019–21 SEND Strategy for East Sussex. See our findings in the East Sussex strategic high needs block review report.

Joint Commissioning Strategy