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4. Schools - SEN Information Report

Each school must publish an SEN Information Report on their website, as set out in the Children and Families Act 2014.

Note- You no longer need to publish an SEN policy or a ‘Local Offer’ document. We now ask you to create a web page, including your SEN Information report, which will be used as your contribution to the East Sussex Local Offer.

We recommend that your governing body reviews the report every year to ensure it is up to date.

Where to publish your information

  • Create a web page called ‘Special needs and disability’ on your school website.
  • Make your page easy to find from your home page and through your search bar. Testing showed that parents find it easier if it is on the home page or in an ‘Information’ or ‘Learning’ section. They did not find it so easily if it was in ‘statutory information’ or ‘policies’.
  • If you have a maintained nursery or sixth form, consider linking to your page from your nursery or sixth form sections.
  • We recommend that you test the location of the info with your own families once published.

What to include on your web page

  • Publish the information in the SEN Information Report template on your web page. If possible, publish the information direct on the page, rather than link to a document as this is more accessible. If this is not possible, have a summary on the page, and link to the more detailed SEN Information report. Use the terms ‘SEN Information Report’ and ‘Special educational needs and disability (SEND)’ within the page to ensure that if people Google using these terms, they will get to your page.
  • We recommend you write the information in partnership with children and parents to ensure it is easy read.
  • Link to other relevant info on your website, such as your Accessibility Strategy and your Behaviour Policy.
  • Link to the East Sussex Local Offer, using thte Local Offer logo as a button.

Send us the link

Please send the link to your ‘Special needs and disability’ page to

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