Physical difficulties

Motor co-ordination is the ability to control your body’s movement.

Gross motor skills need whole body movement and use the large muscles. Skills such as walking, running, climbing, kicking, jumping and balancing are gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills need controlled movement of the fingers and hands. Skills such as doing up buttons, threading, drawing and writing are fine motor skills.

What you can do

If your child is having difficulties, you can get advice and support from your child’s:

  • health visitor,
  • doctor,
  • teacher or Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) at nursery or school.

What nurseries can do

Your child’s nursery or childminder can give them extra support. They may refer them to ISEND Early Years Support Service.

Find out what you can expect from your child’s nursery.

What schools can do

Your child’s school can give them extra support

They may:

Find out what you can expect from your child’s school.