Children’s disability social care


The Disabled Children’s Service helps children with severe learning disabilities. We assess children up to 16 years old, and their families, for social care support.

You may also be able to benefit from temporary respite care for them, whilst you have a break.

We’ll do a family assessment if:

  • your child has a severe learning disability and
  • they are on level 4 of the Continuum of Need and
  • other services aren’t appropriate or haven’t been effective.

We normally decide within 24 hours if we’ll do an assessment.

To apply for an assessment please contact us using the link below or call 01323 464222.

Email Single Point of Advice

Other support

If we decide not to do an assessment we will help you find other advice and family support.

If we decide to assess

A duty worker will meet you and your family to discuss your needs. We also consider the needs of parents, carers, and other family members.

We normally complete assessments within 6 weeks. The team will make sure you and your child are involved throughout.

If we decide your child needs social care funding to achieve the outcomes identified by their assessment, we will offer a Personal Budget.

You can use a Personal Budget in a variety of ways. We will

  • develop a Support Plan with you to outline how you will use the budget.
  • put you in touch with an organisation who can help you manage your Personal Budget.

Personal Budget Policy 2014