Review of Early Help services

The Draft Early Help Strategy

East Sussex County Council consulted with communities, service users, and partners on a draft Early Help strategy from 21 May to 29 July 2019.

In the draft strategy, we proposed to target our support to vulnerable families, and that Early Help is about the services and support we deliver, not buildings. We proposed to retain a network of 16 children’s and youth centres, and relocate services from 14 centres. Support and services would still be provided where needed but would be delivered differently e.g. in an alternative venue. We aimed to identify providers of other pre-school or education services who may want to take over those buildings.

The 14 centres were: Hampden Park, Old Town (Eastbourne), The Bridge (Hastings), West St Leonards, Chailey, Newhaven, Ringmer, Seaford, Battle, Egerton Park (Bexhill), Rye, Crowborough, Heathfield, High Weald (Ticehurst).

The draft strategy was developed through a detailed strategic commissioning review to help build stronger families in East Sussex. All the evidence from the review is available below.

Following public consultation, the draft strategy will be replaced by a revised strategy.

Draft Early Help Strategy – the proposals for future early help services.

National and East Sussex Context – the legal and policy framework for early help services.

Needs Assessment – analysis of what communities in East Sussex need from early help services.

Service Description and Analysis – current early help services provided by Children’s Services and an analysis of how those services meet families’ needs.

Options Analysis – summarises the work to identify and assess options for providing early help in East Sussex.

Property Analysis – assesses the suitability of current buildings to provide future services.

Draft Outcome Analysis – initial assessment of the possible impacts of proposals on service users, communities and partners and how they would be mitigated. This will be updated after consultation.

Initial Equality Impact Assessment – an initial assessment of the equality impacts of proposals and how they would be mitigated. This will be updated after consultation.

Glossary – terms and acronyms used in these reports.

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