Support for young carers

Young carers (under 18) look after someone at home who can’t look after themselves. This may be due to a disability, mental or physical health condition, or drug or alcohol issues.

East Sussex Young Carers (ESYC) support young carers aged 5 to 17.

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Whole Family Budget

Limited funding is available from the Whole Family Budget and provides help to:

  • Children and young people (under 18) who provide care for a member of their family network
  • Individuals with caring responsibilities
  • Adults who have care and support needs

Contact us to see if you qualify for support and how to apply.

Carer's card

The Carers Card gives discounts to carers at a range of retail and leisure venues.

Adult carers (including 16 or 17 year olds)

Contact us for a carer’s assessment and see if you qualify for a carer’s personal budget.

Brothers and sisters of disabled children

The Siblings Group is for brothers and sisters of disabled children and young people.

They arrange activity days and social events and help to build local support groups.

For more information contact