Fostering agencies and other local authorities

Safeguarding or child protection checks

If you are a fostering agency or other local authority and need a safeguarding or child protection check completed for new or existing carers in East Sussex, you will need to download the form below (available in PDF and Word Format). Please note unless you are a Local Authority charges will be applicable, please contact us on the email below for further information.

How to complete the form

  • Applicant 1 / 2 – Details of the carer(s) or support carer(s)
  • Household Members – Details of all other household members including children
  • Children not living in household – Details of all children not living in the household including adult children
  • Anyone aged 16+ - must sign and date the form themselves
  • Anyone aged under 16 – the person with parental responsibility must sign and date the form
  • A separate sheet for further boxes should be used if needed
  • Anyone signing the form, must read the Declaration and Consent before signing

Local authority checks consent form (Word)

Local authority checks consent form (PDF)

Returning the form

Email: These forms should be returned securely by registering with Voltage Secure Email and sent to

Post: Fostering Team, 4th Floor, St Marks House, 14 Upperton Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4EP

Please check forms are completed fully with address details, signatures and dates before sending them to avoid delays in processing.