Adoption support


Adopted children are eligible for up to 15 hours free childcare per week. Find out more about childcare and free early education places

Please contact our adoption advice line to discuss the support you think you need.

Call 01323 747154

Email our adoption advice line

Adoption support which may be available:

  • Adoption Support Fund (ASF)
  • Life story work
  • Attachment therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Specialist Adoption CAMHS (Child and Mental Health Services)
  • Adopted children’s groups
  • General adoption advice
  • Access to records
  • Birth family tracing
  • Non-violent resistance therapy
  • Theraplay
  • Adoption-related training
  • Direct contact
  • Letter box contact
  • Adopted family events
  • Adoption support groups
  • Adoption UK newsletter
  • Virtual School for adopted children
  • Adoption support fund for therapeutic needs
  • Thrive attachment based support
  • Family group conference

Our adoption story

Adoption is an exciting and life-changing decision. Find out what it meant to Guy and Catherine in this video.