Working with looked after children

Personal Education Plan (PEP)

A PEP is a document to record actions planned to raise levels of achievement for looked after children in schools, by:

  • detailing a pupil’s needs and strengths
  • planning, reviewing and outlining targeted support

It enables us to regularly celebrate a young person’s success in a wide range of areas.

There is a PEP review at least 3 times a year. The school will be asked whether the young person is on track to reach their minimum outcome target.

The PEP review meeting is to support the young person, listen to their views and the views of all the people involved in their support network. This means that any support provided meets the needs and aspirations of the young person.

Please contact (contact form) for the East Sussex PEP document. PEP guidance, a sample agenda and a PEP checklist are also available.

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