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Chromebooks for families – end of the scheme

  1. The scheme is ending
  2. What you must do to stay safe online
  3. To return your Chromebook

To keep using your Chromebook: do this before 15 August

1. Get a google account 

From 15 August you or your child will only be able to use your Chromebook with a personal google account. If you do not have a google account, you will need to set one up by following this link:Create a Google Account - Google Account Help

2. Move the files you want to keep 

If you or your child saved files to your ESCC Chromebook account, and you want to keep them, you must move them. Otherwise, they will be deleted on 15 August.

3. Log in to your Chromebook

If you haven’t used your Chromebook lately, login before 15 August. Otherwise it will be locked on 15 August.

4. Make sure you and your family can stay safe online 

From 15 August, the Chromebook won’t get support from the Council on security (anti-virus protection), or to control what your family can access online. You will need to decide what to put in place just like if you had bought the Chromebook yourself.