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Chromebooks for families – end of the scheme

Recovering my files and emails

If you had files saved to your ESCC account, which ends escc.schools.services, they can be recovered.

If young people over 13 used Gmail on their escc.schools.services account, these emails can be recovered.

You need to move them by the end of October 2022. After that they will be deleted.

Login using a different computer

You will not be able to use your escc.schools.services account to log into your Chromebook.

You can use a different computer to log onto your escc.gov.uk account on Google. Computers are available in libraries. Some schools allow their students to log into external Google accounts.

How to find files stored in my escc.schools.services account

When you’re logged into your escc.schools.services account, click on the top right options box (it looks like a box with nine dots).

Click on Google Drive.

In Google Drive, click on the folders to see if they include any documents you need.

How to move documents from my old account

You can move files from your escc.schools.services account to a USB stick.

Or, you could open an email account in the web browser. Then you can attach the files to an email and send it to yourself.

Or, if you have lots of files, you could follow the instructions for Google Takeout to copy your files from Google Account to another. There are YouTube videos to guide you.

How to keep the emails I need

You should save any emails you need before the end of October e.g. forward them to another email address. After October they will not be available.