Could you join our team in Fostering 16+?

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Your role in providing a stable home for a teenager will be invaluable as you pass on your life skills, supporting them practically and emotionally to develop independence and achieve their potential.

Fostering 16+ is about preparation for independent living in adult life. Young people in your care can feel safe and happy now, and with your encouragement, will feel secure enough to look towards moving on to their own accommodation in the future.

There are challenges in giving teenagers a helping hand, as with any age, but the rewards are amazing too. 

  • A competitive allowance paid weekly
  • Regular training, both online and face-to-face to meet the challenges of teens and to spot unsafe behaviour or mental health needs
  • Consistent support from your own local supervisor, as well as the whole ESCC team and a 24/7 advice line
  • Organised and informal social events, dinners, picnics to get together with other foster carers
  • Buddy scheme to chat with experienced carers who have dealt with similar situations
  • You can work alongside Fostering 16+ (and there are part-time opportunities too)

Education, training, work and transport

Support young people to get organised with course or job applications, homework and exam revision and be a point of contact for college. Help them understand the public transport timetables they will need and to get ready for health and other appointments, or go along with them if they need support.

Household chores, food and cooking

We organise ‘house rules’ together so everyone understands expectations, like keeping their own bedroom clean and tidy and clearing up after themselves in shared living areas as well as learning how to do their own laundry.

Go food shopping together at first so they can see what’s available and how to make healthy, good value meals. 16+ foster carers guide young people with health and safety in the kitchen and support them with food preparation and cooking skills too. When you eat or prepare food together everyone in the household should respect and learn about differing dietary requirements and allergies.


Register your young people with a GP, dentist, optician and if necessary support them to make and attend appointments and guide them to maintain any medication they are prescribed.


At 16+ it’s time to learn how to start budgeting their own finances. You can help teach them to plan and save money for a rainy day and to open a Bank/Building society account.


Once you have built a positive relationship with the young person in your care, they will feel more comfortable talking to you about other relationships in their life. This could include rebuilding broken relationships with wider family members.

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