Becoming a supported lodgings provider

Assessment process

The process involves pre-assessment stages, the assessment itself and approval process. It takes approximately three to four months.

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Initial enquiry

The process begins when you fill in our form to register your interest.

Then we send an information pack to help you to decide if you wish to go further.

Follow-up telephone call

A worker will contact you to discuss being a provider and provide more information about the service. If the social worker thinks you are suitable we book a screening call.

Q&A call

The Q&A call takes around 45 minutes. The worker will go through a number of areas including:

  • motivation
  • family history and relationships
  • medical history
  • experience

We’ll ask for your consent to put your details on the system and carry out initial safeguarding checks. We’ll see if you or your family have had any previous involvement with the Local Authority.

Then, within five working days, we will contact you with a decision.

Initial visit

This is when the social worker has the chance to meet you and assess your home environment. We will go through various forms including:

  • references
  • Disclosure Barring Service form
  • safeguarding
  • medical

The social worker will confirm aspects of the screening call and may explore some issues further.

Within five working days the social worker will contact you with a decision on whether the service is able to proceed with your application.

If we can’t accept you on to the next part of the process, you will get clear reasons.

Your assessment

At this stage we will allocate an assessing caseworker. The assessment includes around 8 visits and explores the following areas:

  • your life from birth to now
  • life experiences
  • experience of parenting or working with young people
  • lifestyle
  • health and safety
  • current and previous relationships
  • finances
  • references

We will work openly and honestly with you. If issues or concerns arise that may prevent you from proceeding we will discuss this with you.


Once we complete the assessment we will share it with you and the practice manager will sign it off.

We will assign a supervising worker to give you regular supervision.

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