Step-child adoption

If you are a step-parent, you may want to explore adopting your step-child.

For information on the process of adopting step-children and alternatives to adoption, see the Family Lives guide.

After reading the advice, if you wish to continue, the next step is to tell the Single Point of Advice (SPOA) in writing.

Please include:

  • your request to adopt
  • your intent to apply to the court
  • the full details of your family
  • your contact details

Please send this information to:

Single Point of Advice
St Mark’s House
14 Upperton Road
BN21 1EP

The SPOA team will make background checks and prepare a detailed report for the court.

The next step is to make an application to adopt to the court.

Applying to the court

When to apply:

You can apply to the court for an adoption order: 

  • at least three months (and not more than two years) after giving notice to your local authority (writing to SPOA).

You will need to complete an adoption application form. You can collect the form at a Family Court. Send this to the court with the relevant documents and the court fee.

Once you have applied to the court, in any future correspondence with SPOA, please quote:

  • the date you applied
  • the Court reference number.

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