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- Introduction to Health Visiting

Watch on YouTube: "Introduction to Health Visiting"

The Health Visiting Service supports families with a new baby or child under five-years-old. They can offer advice and guidance.

The team includes health visitors, community staff nurses, community nursery nurses. Health visitors are registered nurses or midwives who are trained in the care and development of pre-school children.

The team will talk with you about:

  • you and your partner's own health and wellbeing

  • your child’s health and development needs.

They can:

  • provide direct support to you

  • signpost you to a wide range of services from the rest of the Early Help team.

Working for East Sussex Healthcare Trust

Current Vacancies

- Building Relationships

Watch on YouTube: "Building Relationships"

- Bump and Beyond

Watch on YouTube: "Bump and Beyond"

- Caring for your Mental Health

Watch on YouTube: "Caring for your Mental Health"

- Coping with a Crying Baby

Watch on YouTube: "Coping with a Crying Baby"

- Dads and non-birthing Partners

Watch on YouTube: "Dads and non-birthing Partners"

- Healthy Lifestyle

Watch on YouTube: "Healthy Lifestyle"

- Immunisations

Watch on YouTube: "Immunisations"

- Newborn Hearing Screening

Watch on YouTube: "Newborn Hearing Screening"

- Safe Sleep

Watch on YouTube: "Safe Sleep"

- Safety for Babies and Young Children

Watch on YouTube: "Safety for Babies and Young Children"

- Stopping Smoking

Watch on YouTube: "Stopping Smoking"

- Understanding your Red Book

Watch on YouTube: "Understanding your Red Book"

- Breastfeeding Hand Expressing

Watch on YouTube: "Breastfeeding Hand Expressing"

- Breastfeeding Positioning and Attachment

Watch on YouTube: "Breastfeeding Positioning and Attachment"

- Responsive bottle feeding

Watch on YouTube: "Responsive bottle feeding"

- Responsive Breastfeeding

Watch on YouTube: "Responsive Breastfeeding"

- Breastfeeding What to Expect

Watch on YouTube: "Breastfeeding What to Expect"
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