Support for families with children aged 0 to 19

Early Help Service 0 to 19

The Early Help Service 0–19 can help support your family from pregnancy until your child is 19.

The service is made up of East Sussex County Council and NHS professionals, who can offer a wide range of support at your home, from a Children’s Centre or a Youth Centre.

We can offer help and support through:

  • Health Visiting health clinics and home visits
  • Keywork Support
  • Family groups at a Children’s Centre
  • Youth groups at a Youth Centre
  • Supporting you to become a volunteer 
  • Training courses to improve Life Skills
  • Support with child Speech and Language
  • Antenatal support (NHS)

  • Parenting Advice and Courses

​What I can expect from my Health Visiting team (NHS)


Email: Early Help Service 0–19 enquiries

Telephone: 0345 60 80 192

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