TES Terms of Reference Appendix C

TES Chair Role Specification

  • Volunteer, expenses paid
  • Time commitment: 4-5 days per month
  • Initial length of tenure: up to 2 years

Role description

  • Take the lead role in TES in driving the development and growth of the economy within the county of East Sussex.
  • Provide rigorous leadership in the Chairing and development of TES, which comprises both public and private sector Leaders, to ensure a commonality of goals and purpose.
  • As Chair, take a lead role in the promotion of the interests of East Sussex and confidently work and negotiate with key influencers across Government, within SELEP and with local stakeholders, particularly with the private sector.

Experience and Attributes

  • A successful track record operating in the private sector.
  • A proven track record of leadership and/or Chair skills with experience of chairing well-managed, inclusive meetings, ensuring all members’ views are taken into account and that a consensus and clarity of outcomes are achieved.
  • A well-developed leadership profile, with the ability to operate as a high-profile ambassador across East Sussex, the SELEP region and nationally, with a range of stakeholders.
  • A strong understanding and experience of driving economic growth with a focus on East Sussex.
  • Proven ability to articulate and implement strategies and plans and to give passionate leadership to their execution.

Personal style, skills and characteristics

  • A respected figure from the private sector with personal authority commensurate with the task.
  • An ability to articulate strategies and plans and to work with key decision makers and influencers on a local, regional and national basis.
  • A natural ambassador, an effective high-level networker and a strong advocate for East Sussex.
  • A honed public speaker with presence, good media and communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to provide leadership to TES and generate enthusiasm for its aims. An engaging leader, diplomat, ideas-person and a good listener.
  • Experienced political antennae.
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a cross-sectoral team in which colleagues work cooperatively with each other, accepting collective responsibility.

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