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7. Become an Industry Champion

To support the work of Enterprise Advisers we are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic Industry Champions to work directly with young people in the County on a range of activities.

We are building a growing network of Industry Champions that represent an array of job roles and career paths from all industries, and in particular the county’s priority sectors. Industry Champions are individuals working at any level be it as CEOs, sole traders, freelancers, or apprentices, who have an interest in sharing their experience of work and promoting their industry.

An Industry Champion will:

  • Be directly involved with delivering activities for young people in schools
  • Have an ability to present their role, experience and knowledge with a positive energy and strong understanding of their industry
  • Commit some time to careers and enterprise activities in schools such as giving talks / presentations at school/college events, mentoring young people, attending careers fairs, giving premises tours, offering work experience opportunities
  • Work across the County with different schools

The Industry Champion role is a rewarding experience for staff at any level and offers an opportunity for staff to develop their skills. Our Industry Champions Network is currently growing, with opportunities to provide training, support and sharing of best practice.

To hear from current Industry Champions watch our video.

For more information contact our Enterprise Coordinator.

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