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  1. Parent and toddler groups – see: Support With Confidence
  2. Parent Link – see: Special educational needs (SEN)
  3. Parish and Town Councils – see also: Councils
  4. Parking – see also: Car parking, Parking tickets and Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)
  5. Parking tickets – see also: Parking
  6. Parks and recreation – see: District and Borough Councils
  7. Passenger Transport – see also: Public transport, School transport and Trains
  8. Pathfinder bus tickets – see: School transport
  9. Paths to Prosperity – see: Walks
  10. Paying for services
  11. Pedestrian crossings – see also: Road safety
  12. Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) – see also: Parking
  13. Pensions
  14. People’s Network – see page: Computers and the Internet in libraries
  15. Performance indicators
  16. Performance licence – see: Animal health and Child Performance Licence
  17. Performance Management
  18. Personal injury – see also: Potholes
  19. Personal treatment licences – see: Licensing
  20. Personalisation in adult social care
  21. Personnel – see: Job vacancies
  22. Pests – see also: District and Borough Councils
  23. Petitions – see also page: Have your say
  24. Petrol filling stations
  25. Physical and sensory support
  26. Physical Disability – see also: Car badges for disabled parking and Equipment for disabled people or see page: Library services for people with disabilities
  27. Planning – see also: Development contributions and District and Borough Councils
  28. Planning applications – see also: Development control
  29. Planning Committee
  30. Poisons
  31. Policies and Plans – see: Freedom of information
  32. Pollution – see: Environment
  33. Population and migration
  34. Postal voting – see also: District and Borough Councils
  35. Potholes – see also: Personal injury and Road and highway maintenance
  36. Pre-school learning – see: ISEND Early Years Support Service
  37. Press – see also: Communications
  38. Primary schools – see also: Admissions and Transport Team
  39. Privacy and data protection – see: Data protection
  40. Private rented accommodation – see page: Relocating to East Sussex
  41. Procurement
  42. Protecting vulnerable people – see: Adult social care or see pages: Adult protection – safeguarding vulnerable adults and Adult Protection – Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  43. Proxy votes – see also: District and Borough Councils
  44. Public health – see: Adult social care and Health
  45. Public libraries – see page: Find your local library
  46. Public meetings – see: Committees
  47. Public rights of way – see: Rights of way
  48. Public sector information – see page: Reusing council copyright material
  49. Public transport – see also: Passenger Transport
  50. Publications – see also: Council publications and Freedom of information