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  1. Abnormal loads – see: Roads and highways
  2. Abuse – see: Adult social care or see pages: Single Point of Advice and Adult Protection – Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  3. Access for disabled - countryside – see: Countryside management and Rights of way
  4. Access for disabled - libraries – see page: Library services for people with disabilities
  5. Accessibility – see page: Help and accessibility
  6. Accident prevention – see: Health promotion
  7. Accommodation – see page: Places to stay
  8. ACRES (Adult College for Rural East Sussex) – see page: Adult Education Providers
  9. Addiction – see: Drug and Alcohol Action Team
  10. Admissions and Transport Team – see also: Further education, Primary schools, School admission appeals, School admissions, School admissions and transport, School transport, Schools and colleges and Secondary schools
  11. Admissions forum
  12. Adopted roads and highways – see also: Transport planning
  13. Adoption – see also: Fostering
  14. Adult and community education centres
  15. Adult Carers – see also page: Direct payments
  16. Adult education – see: Adult and community education centres, Family learning, Learndirect and Learning Disabilities
  17. Adult protection – see page: Adult protection – safeguarding vulnerable adults
  18. Adult Services
  19. Adult social care – see also: Day care, Health, Incontinence advice, Independent Home Care Providers, Learning Disabilities, Meals in your home (Meals on wheels), Mental health, Mental Health helpline, Nursing home care, Older People and Residential care (for adults) or see pages: Adult protection – safeguarding vulnerable adults and Direct payments
  20. Adult Social Care and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee
  21. Adult Social Care Direct – see page: Adult Social Care Direct
  22. Adults and their carers
  23. Advertising – see also: Display advertisements and hoardings and Sponsorship
  24. Advice agencies – see page: General and legal advice services
  25. After school clubs and holiday play schemes for disabled children
  26. Air quality
  27. Airports
  28. Alarms for older and disabled people
  29. Alcohol use and abuse – see also: Drug and Alcohol Action Team, Health promotion and Underage sales
  30. Allotments – see: District and Borough Councils
  31. Ancient monuments – see page: Historic attractions
  32. Angling – see: Fishing
  33. Animal fouling – see: Report a fault
  34. Animal health
  35. Animal nuisance and animal licenses – see: District and Borough Councils and Licensing
  36. Anti-social behaviour – see also: Crime and disorder and Noise
  37. Appeal for a school place – see: School admission appeals
  38. Applying for a school place – see: Admissions and Transport Team
  39. Approved traders – see also: Support With Confidence
  40. Archaeological sites and monuments – see also: Archaeology
  41. Archaeology – see also: Archaeological sites and monuments
  42. Archives
  43. Art and Museum Service – see: Schools Library and Museum Service
  44. Arts and entertainment – see also: Arts development, Leisure and tourism and Music Service
  45. Arts development – see also: Arts and entertainment and Funding
  46. Arts services – see: Arts development
  47. Asset management – see: Council tax and finance
  48. Asylum seekers
  49. Attendance and truancy – see: Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service
  50. Audit, Best Value and Community Services Scrutiny Committee
  51. Autism - ASD monitoring and support group – see also: Special educational needs (SEN)