Accessibility statement

8. What we’re doing to improve accessibility

The team are currently working on an entirely new version of the website based on the Government Digital Services Design System. This framework has been developed by GOV.UK to provide a more accessible experience for our web visitors. Each component and pattern has been researched with a representative range of users, including those with disabilities. We recently started the migration to this new framework on the Libraries section of our site and will move all content to the new-look templates section by section. We expect the new more accessible templates will significantly improve the user experience, but we also plan on doing impartial user testing.

Other fixes are listed below.

In-house applications

We will redevelop in-house templates in order of priority determined by:

  • user volumes
  • work already planned in

This will address some known accessibility issues. Once completed, we will carry out a further accessibility audit. We will publish the report with priorities for redevelopment in due course. To support this work, we are committed to ongoing staff development and training.

Third party suppliers

We have raised issues with our third party suppliers and asked them to provide us with timetables for fixing errors. In some cases, for instance Meetings and Committees, the website is currently being redeveloped. We expect this to address most accessibility issues.

Non-HTML documents

We are training our staff in accessibility and how to create accessible documents. We are updating documents which are essential to providing our services to make sure they are fully accessible.

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