Blue Badges

The Blue Badge scheme is for drivers or passengers who have severe mobility problems or are registered blind. The scheme allows people to park near to where they need to go. Adults, children and some organisations may be eligible.

People who qualify can use disabled parking bays and benefit from a range of on-street parking concessions. Parking is not always free or unlimited for Blue Badge holders, so be aware of local parking arrangements in the areas you are travelling to. Blue Badges do not give you the authority to park anywhere.

Reporting fraudulent use

We now have a dedicated fraud investigation officer who you can contact directly to report allegations of misuse, please e mail including as much detail as possible including the badge serial number.

Apply for a Blue Badge

How to apply, check the progress of your application, or have your eligibility reviewed if you want to renew a badge that's expired, or is about to expire.

Who is eligible for a blue badge?

Who qualifies for a badge, who may need a mobility assessment and what happens at one.

Tell us about changes or report your badge lost or stolen

What to do if your Blue Badge is lost or stolen, when you must return a badge to us, and changes you must tell us about, such as changes to your personal details or mobility.

Blue Badge appeals and complaints

How to appeal your application decision, or tell us if you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received during your application.

Disabled parking bays and crossings

Apply for a disabled parking bay outside your home.

Find the help you need

A directory of services, groups and organisations