Support With Confidence – information for care and support providers, and how to apply

About the Support With Confidence scheme

Who can apply, and how it fits in with the bigger changes to the ways that social care is provided.

Support with Confidence application forms

There are different forms for businesses, personal assistants and support brokers. Includes information about the application process and fees.

Contact details and feedback form

How to keep in touch with our staff and let us know how things are going.

Support With Confidence network events

A chance for those interested in applying, as well as existing providers, to catch up with latest developments.

The Code of Conduct followed by approved members

This Code of Conduct applies to members of the Support With Confidence scheme, who are vetted, checked and trained in order to qualify as Approved providers of care and support services in East Sussex.

Becoming a Personal Assistant

Find out what the job entails, the training available, and how we can help you to become one.

Training guidance 2012/13 (Adobe PDF)

A list of the training and standards that businesses or Personal Assistants must complete before being accepted into the scheme. Details unchanged from 2011. 4 pages.

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Support With Confidence logo

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