Support with housing

Choose home

Choosing where to live

Where you choose to live will depend on lots of things. Like where you want to be and how much support you need.

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The Housing Toolkit

The Housing toolkit is easy read Information to help you think about moving home.

This includes the booklet 'Choosing a place to live' which talks about different housing options. It also says what support is available in the different housing choices.

The Housing Toolkit also includes:

  • information about tenancy agreements
  • how to plan your move
  • information about being a deputy or appointee

Your say

Find out what people with learning disabilities said about housing in 3 reports by the Involvement Matters Team.

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Housing and Support Alliance

The H&SA offer information about housing and support.

You can visit the H&SA website

Or call their free advice service for people with learning disabilities and families – 0845 456 1497

Useful contacts

Some useful contacts to help you get more support to help you live independently.

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