Electoral registers

Most libraries in East Sussex hold historical copies of the electoral register. These documents list the names and addresses of people who can vote, and are very useful for tracing your family history.

Why are there two versions of the electoral register?

Until 2002 any company, organisation or person could buy a copy of the register. The government changed the law to give you some choice about who can buy details of your name and address.

Under the changes, two versions of the register are produced.

  • The full register lists the names and addresses of everyone registered to vote. It is updated every month. Anyone can look at it, but copies can only be supplied for certain purposes, such as elections and law enforcement.
  • The edited register is available for general sale from district and borough council offices and can be used for any purpose. You can have your details removed from this version by marking a box on the annual registration form, or on the rolling registration form.

Since December 2002 libraries only hold the edited version of the electoral register. The full register is available to view at district and borough councils.

For more information about electoral registration and to contact your local electoral registration office, please see:

How do I use the registers?

Use our enquiry service to ask if we have the electoral register you want:

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