Development contributions (supplementary planning guidance)

What are development contributions?

Development contributions are made by landowners and developers to ensure that where planning permission is granted for new development:

  • impact on the environment is minimised
  • infrastructure (eg transport and schools) necessary to support the development can be provided.

By securing these contributions, we can help to improve the quality and sustainability of individual development schemes and their acceptability to local communities.

What are we doing to secure development contributions?

We provide clear guidance for landowners and developers to ensure that they take the cost of these requirements into account at the start of the development process.

Details of this guidance can be found in A new approach to development contributions which was adopted, after public consultation as supplementary planning guidance (SPG) to the (now obsolete) Structure Plan.

Particulars of the public consultations held on both the SPG and the addendum are published on our page Statement of public consultations on supplementary planning guidance.

Updates to our guidance

In April 2012, we revised our guidance to include updated information about:

  • available capacity
  • the costs of providing service infrastructure and facilities.

Download the revised document Updated Information on Stress Areas and Contribution Costs with effect from April 2012.

Further information

For further information, contact the Development Contributions Co-ordinator.