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  1. eAdmissions – see: Admissions and Transport Team
  2. Early Years Teaching and Support Service – see also: Special educational needs (SEN)
  3. East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership (ESAMP) – see also: Archaeology
  4. East Sussex Community Information Service (ESCIS) – see also: Voluntary organisations
  5. East Sussex in Figures
  6. East Sussex Music Service
  7. East Sussex Record Office
  8. Economic development
  9. Economic regeneration
  10. Economy, Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee
  11. Education and learning – see page: Education and learning
  12. Education and skills – see also: Training
  13. Education Capital Strategy Team
  14. Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service – see also: Chaperone, Child employment, Child Performance Licence, Exclusion from school and Teenage pregnancy
  15. Education Welfare Service – see page: Secondary Behaviour and Attendance Service
  16. Educational awards and benefits – see: Further education and Higher education
  17. Educational institutions – see: Schools and colleges
  18. Educational Psychology Service – see also: Language and Learning Support Service, Sensory impairment - children and young people and Special educational needs (SEN)
  19. Elections
  20. Electoral boundaries – see: District and Borough Councils
  21. Electoral registration – see: District and Borough Councils
  22. Electoral services – see: District and Borough Councils
  23. Electrical waste – see: Waste management
  24. E-library – see page: Online library
  25. Emergency alarms
  26. Emergency Duty Service – see also: Duty and Assessment
  27. Emergency Duty Team - Social Services – see: Adult social care and Out of hours emergency service
  28. Emergency phone numbers
  29. Emergency planning – see also: Flooding
  30. Employment, jobs and careers
  31. Employment, jobs and careers – see page: Jobs
  32. English as an Additional Language Team (EALT)
  33. Entertainment and events – see page: What's on
  34. Entertainment licences – see: District and Borough Councils
  35. Environment – see also: Coast protection, Conservation and Woodlands
  36. Environmental planning policies – see: Transport planning
  37. E-Procurement – see page: Procurement
  38. Equal opportunities and diversity
  39. Equipment for disabled people – see also: Disabilities and Physical Disability
  40. ESCIS – see: East Sussex Community Information Service (ESCIS)
  41. Estates licences – see: Council land and property and Licensing
  42. Ethnic support groups – see: East Sussex Community Information Service (ESCIS)
  43. Europe – see: Interreg
  44. Every Child Matters – see: Children's Trust
  45. Examinations – see page: Exams and tests at school
  46. Exclusion from school – see also: Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service
  47. Explosives
  48. Extra-curricular activities – see page: Children in work